NYC Living Tips

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Pro Tips on Surviving & Thriving in NYC

You’re in your NYC apartment! We wish you smooth sailing, but sometimes there are waves along the way. Here’s some advice to help you navigate your new living situation and rental adventure.

General rental tips

How can I get along with my new roommates?

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Let the golden rule set the tone. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Should I get renter’s insurance?

Yes—it’s well worth it. Renter’s insurance covers all kinds of things. If your TV is stolen—covered. Your neighbor upstairs has a pipe burst and your belongings get destroyed—covered. Renter’s insurance offers peace of mind.

If my hot water goes out, can I stop paying rent?

Seek some deeper advice on this, but if your place isn’t livable, you could possibly withhold rent.

I’m in a bind. I need to break my lease. Is that OK?

There are ways to do it and it’ll be OK.

Am I allowed to sublet my apartment?

Check your lease and with your landlord. Subletting is big time in NYC—so you’re most likely able to.

$ Tips

Can I live cheaper?

Yes! Check out Time Out New York for free and cheap things to do. You can also apply for IDNYC, the NYC ID that gets you free and more affordable access to all sorts of things! Also check out DonateNYC! It’s a pretty extensive resource that lists all the awesome thrifting options in the city, so you can decorate your new digs with awesome one-of-a kind finds.


Is my landlord allowed to enter my apartment any time?

Yes and no. It depends on whyyour landlord needs or wants to enter.

What is my landlord responsible for?

Generally—electricity, hot water, and heat.

For more information and the fine print on rentals, landlords, and tenants’ rights—check out this guide from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development.

Living in a small space

Help! I don’t have a closet! What should I do?

Welcome—you are now a New Yorker. If it doesn’t spark joy, donate it! NYC is really good at donating and recycling. Look up DonateNYC! THEN, organize. Think: vertical space. There are options for every budget.

My new place is tiny. Can I even have people over?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Also, a small apartment facilitates great convos!

My sister is coming to visit. Where should she stay?

She will be the first of many guests! Soon you will be a pro and have fav options to offer.