Is a Building with a Doorperson Right for You?

Maybe you think you absolutely need a doorperson or maybe the thought hadn't occured to you. Living in a building that has a doorperson on staff 24/7 isn't exclusive to NYC, but it is taken to a whole new level here. The doorperson ushers you in and out of your building - from tranquility to traffic and back again.

  • Someone is always there to sign for packages and accept deliveries. Amazon Prime? No worries! Enjoy that 2-day shipping all day, every day. Many people who don’t live in buildings that have a doorperson end up having packages shipped to work.If you’re ordering paperclips, that’s fine, but if you’re ordering anything sizable—that’s going to get old real quick. Just picture yourself hauling boxes home during the evening rush. A doorperson will be there to sign for FedEx, accept dry cleaning and other deliveries, and make sure they’re safely waiting for you when you get home.
  • Safety & Security.A doorperson knows the building better than anyone else. They’ve got eyes and ears on the lobby and the comings and goings outside. A doorperson isn’t going to let suspicious visitors in. Some people are so comfortable with the level of security that their doorperson offers that they don’t even lock their doors—in NYC!! They also keep your deliveries safe from package thieves.
  • A Helping Hand.A doorperson helps you enter and return from the hustle & bustle of the city. They may help you with your luggage, hailing a cab, etc. If you’re a single person, someone who travels a lot, or someone who has small children—this help may be especially useful. A doorperson could also help you if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out or need to ring a neighbor to turn the volume down.
  • $. Tipping. It’s expected that occupants tip the doorperson and other building staff at the winter holidays or end of the year; move-in tips are standard for the doorperson (and possibly the super and their staff) as well. Doorpersons are unionized and make somewhere around $51,000/year. In NYC, that’s pretty modest. So tips make a big difference and are always much appreciated. And, after all, they are providing a service—every day, 365 days a year.
  • Lack of Privacy. Your doorperson is going to know who and what is coming and going from your apartment—from significant others to orders on Grub Hub. To be fair, just because your doorperson knows about your taco habit, doesn’t mean that anybody else in the building does.
  • Daily chat. If you’re an introvert, or you’re just so busy that any time to yourself is golden—this may be a real consideration for you. Some people like to chat with their doorperson about what’s about to drop on Netflix or the weather, and some people don’t. To thine own self be true.

Final Thoughts

It’s totally cool to live in a building with a doorperson or without – it just depends on your lifestyle and preference. If you like the personal touch and security of having a doorperson – go for it! If a sleek key-pad entry is more your speed – you have options! 

If you’re looking at a building that doesn’t have a doorperson, it’s worth seeing if you have a live-in super. Having a live-in super can be a really great benefit and for some people that convenience is even more valuable than having a door person.