Choosing Living Style

Solo or Co?

Choosing to live with one or more roommates is a popular way to make living in NYC more affordable. And of course—renting solo is an awesome choice as well. Here’s a breakdown of options to help you determine the living arrangement right for you.

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  • Find a roommate you’re compatible with and together search for an apartment.Having a roommate to search with means you have a partner in crime to help divide and conquer responsibilities, rent, and upfront costs like the security deposit.
  • Lock down your own place.Getting your own apartment puts more responsibility on your shoulders—monetary and otherwise. BUT—you get to enjoy the freedom of having the whole place to yourself and you have all of the control in setting the search parameters.
  • Home in on an available room or sublet.A lot of the typical move-in responsibilities will already be taken care of in this scenario—like setting up utilities, dealing with a lease, and paying the brokers fee. This can be a good option for short-term housing, but you may need to be flexible regarding the living arrangements and getting the amenities on your wish list.