Apply & Sign Lease

Apply and Sign the Dotted Line

Man writing signature with pen on paper. Settlement for acquisition, business deal, bank loan or rental apartment. Signing contract, agreement, car lease or legal document. The signature is made up.

You’ve found the NYC apartment of your dreams—now it’s time to move like you’re about to miss the northbound express train! The market is competitive and the hottest rentals come and go in a flash. Not to worry though—here’s a handy checklist of documents to bring and things to pay attention to before signing your new lease. Keep this info up to date during your search and you will always be at the ready!

Important pro tip: Have a guarantor waiting in the wings in case you need them.

Remember to bring:

  • Your guarantor’s information if needed
  • 3 forms of your ID (ex. Driver’s license, passport, Social Security Card, birth certificate, student ID)
  • Checkbook
  • 2 pay stubs
  • 2 bank account statements *make sure they’re recent & up to date
  • Personal references
  • A letter of reference from your previous landlord
  • Your rental history. This should include dates, addresses and contact info for associated landlords.

Make sure to review:

  • Double check the terms of the lease. How long is the lease written for? What date are you able to move in?
  • Monthly rent info. What date is your rent due? What is the policy regarding late rent? Is there a grace period?
  • Guarantor responsibilityin the event that you are unable to pay rent.
  • What is the superintendent’s contact infoand what repairs will they perform? Keep this info readily available in your new apartment.
  • Snow responsibility—are you responsible to salt and shovel or is management?
  • Decorating DIY FYI—are you allowed to paint your walls or hang items?
  • Security deposit fine print.Are there cleaning costs listed? Make sure you’re clear on what can and cannot impact getting your full security deposit back at the end of your lease.